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About Me!


My name is Natasha Rachell!  I am an alternatively certified 6-12 Broad Field Science Teacher, turned Math and Science Transition to Teaching Coach, turned Professional Learning Coach, turned Educational Technology Specialist, turned Science Digital Learning Specialist!  Whew! 

I'm married and have 2 wonderful and amazing sons! I love science, education, and technology! If it's pink and sparkly, it's for me! I'm a girly girl to the core and I run on Starbucks!  I truly am a life long learner! Most educators are...right?  I truly believe that all students can and will learn IF they have the RIGHT teacher in front of them, in the RIGHT school, and at the RIGHT time! 

The district that I currently work in provides TONS of technology opportunities and resources for our teachers and students so it's been imperative that I stay up/current with the trends and soak it all in! Hence, being a Google Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert!  These tools have allowed our teachers and students to collaborate, critically think, communicate and be creative!  They have totally transformed the way that our teachers teach and the way that our students learn!  

Google Certified Innovator/Trainer

In June of 2018 I was selected as 1 of 37 Google Innovators for the #LAX18 cohort!  This was such a HUGE honor and as a result, I was able to attend an intense training academy for 3 days in Los Angeles with my new family of Innovators.  After leaving the Google Innovator Academy, each of us has a year to get our proposed Innovator project up and running!  My Innovator Project is called MentorMeEdu and seeks to help solve the problem of NEW teacher attrition through a virtual mentoring program.  Read more about it HERE! 

I am a Google Certified Trainer!  Google Apps for Education has transformed teaching and learning in our district and in the district that my youngest son goes to school.  I love being able to train teachers and administrators on all things Google!  Seeing the lightbulb go off when they find a tool that not only excites them, but that they will actually use makes me warm and fuzzy!  I have seen teachers flip their classrooms through the use of GAFE.  Students and teachers are no longer transporting flash drives everywhere they go!  I truly believe that the tools provided through GAFE allow teachers and students to work smarter and not harder!

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert/Surface Expert

Microsoft for Education, started out as Outlook in our district and has since expanded into the suite that we all know and love!  The tools allow for communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking among our teachers and students.  Becoming an MIEExpert has expanded my knowledge of the Microsoft tools and allowed me to share this knowledge throughout our district as we certify Microsoft Innovative Experts in our schools!  In addition, Ive had the AMAZING opportunity to become a Microsoft Surface Expert! Receiving this honor has empowered me to learn and share my knowledge of the Surface and Windows 10 with our students and staff!  Some of my favorite tools are Sway, Mix and OneNote! I also love sharing Skype, ClassNotebook, StaffNotebook and Teams as resources to transform teacher's classrooms! We are preparing our students to be college and career ready through the implementation of the Microsoft tools in their classrooms!   

Our Voice Academy Cohort 1

I am highly honored to be a part of the first cohort of the Our Voice Academy by EdTechTeam!  Here is a description of the Academy:  The goal of this 2-day event is for educators of color to own our voice by building greater capacity to share our expertise, tell our stories on national and international stages, and stake claim to visible leadership in our field.  The event focuses on three primary thematic areas: Access, Visibility and Leadership.  ACCESS: Increase Access - gain access to event stages and further gain recognition as an expert in the field.  VISIBILITY: Represent school / organization and grow networks by sharing positive stories at a larger scale and connecting with other education leaders around the globe.  LEADERSHIP: Build Leadership by demonstrating initiative, sharing vision and calls to action.  www.ourvoiceacademy.com 

Science Digital Learning Specialist

By day (and sometimes by night...lol) I am a Science Digital Learning Specialist in my district! Through this position, I work with the science content specialists in our district to ensure that technology is infused in the K-12 science curriculum.  I provide training in GAFE, Microsoft for Education, LED board implementation, 21st century classrooms (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking), blended learning, flipped classrooms, web 2.0 resources, etc! My position falls under the Department of Instructional Technology.  We are a group of innovative "techie" educators who are certified teachers and together we bring a lot to the table! Being strong in our content along with having a passion for technology makes us a unique group of peeps!  

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science, Biology Pre Med

Master of Education, Education Administration

Educational Specialist, Curriculum and Instruction

(Almost a Doctor!) Educational Doctorate, Organizational Leadership with and Emphasis in Effective Schools



Founder of MentorMeEdu

Our Voice Academy-Cohort 1

Google for Education Certified Innovator

Google for Education Certified Trainer 

Google Level 1 Certified

Google Level 2 Certified

Apple Teacher

Microsoft Innovative Educator

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Surface Expert

Alpha Squirrel

Brainpop Certified Educator

Plickers Ambassador

Promethean Master Educator

Certified Educator, Digital Citizenship, Common Sense Media

STAR Discovery Educator

Remind Certified Educator

Flipgrid Certified Educator

Flipgrid Community Builder

Flipgrid Ambassador



  • Enthusiastic, proactive, and positive professional educator.
  • A talent for involving and motivating students and educators of all ability levels.
  • A genuine interest in and respect for young people and fellow professionals.
  • Peer trainer for teachers learning how to integrate technology in the classroom.
  • The ability to establish positive relationships with fellow professionals and parents.
  • Strong leadership qualities and the ability to manage challenging behavior calmly and effectively.
  • Successful at identifying ways to help students feel comfortable with science and technology.
  • A passion for technology and a commitment to maintaining up-to-date knowledge in its implementation.
  • Highly developed computer skills, with in-depth experience of utilizing technology in the classroom to maximize the learning experience.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey subject material in an accessible and compelling manner.   

Nuggets that I live by...

Be the change you wish to see in the world -Mahatma Gandhi

To whom much is given, much is required.

Tell the ENTIRE story!  “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)