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Natasha Rachell is the founder of MentorMeEdu, a virtual mentoring program that addressed new teacher attrition.  For more information, please read the information below as well as the links at the bottom of this page.

MentorMeEdu seeks to address the problem of teacher attrition, specifically for new teachers to the profession.  Over the years, research has shown us that up to 50% of new teachers experience burn out and leave the teaching profession.  This is problematic because classrooms are left unstaffed, students suffer when being left with substitute after substitute while waiting for a new highly qualified teacher to be hired, and content is simply not being taught.

Imagine a world where schools remained fully staffed year after year.  Where new teachers felt supported, valued and appreciated.  Where virtual mentors were in place for new teachers to bounce ideas off of, to vent about new teacher issues, and to receive encouragement for all of the things they are doing each and every day!  This is where MentorMeEdu comes in!  

Through this program, new teachers and veteran teachers are matched via survey responses.  Each month, they will meet virtually, via a Google Hangout to go over a monthly focus (provided by MentorMeEdu) and to touch base about all that has happened!  New teachers and mentors are encouraged to meet more than once a month.  Once each monthly meetup has occured, new teachers and their mentors will complete a Google Form for accountability  and engage in dialogue with others in our Google Classroom!

MentorMeEdu is a win win for everyone!  New teachers will feel supported, valued and appreciated!  Mentor teachers feel as if they are giving back to those that need them!  Students, in turn, have innovative, creative and excited teachers in front of them, teaching the content, each and every day!

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