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My New Normal


Written by Natasha Rachell

The My New Normal journal came about after Natasha witnessed her twin brother, Jermaine, survive a car accident that left him in a coma for 10 days, ultimately leaving him to live his new normal as a traumatic brain injury survivor. The idea for this journal was birthed out of the need for a place that Jermaine could journal about his day as it was happening so he could then reflect upon the day in the evening and remember and celebrate his accomplishments that took place that day. 

My New Normal allows for journaling and thought processing of traumatic brain injury survivors on a daily basis. By taking the time to set the tone for the day and reflect at the end of the evening of each day, brain injury survivors begin to establish repetition through the routine of journaling. 

Get ready to write the pages to your own story. You have a voice. You matter. You deserve to be heard. 

Welcome to your new normal.

This journal contains:

  • a short description of why Natasha created this journal
  • a brief description of how to use the journal
  • 365 prompted journal pages
  • 21 additional notes/journaling pages


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